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About Us

A note from Carolee...


Carolee Creations celebrated the 40th Anniversary of SewSweet Dolls in 2010!


We are known for our clear, easy to follow patterns and easy-to-sew cloth dolls. We originated the ‘template method’ of doll making, which insures a perfectly shaped doll every time. No guessing where the seams should be.


We also created the first four-piece doll head, giving a fully dimensional, easy to create head, and later added a chin dart - still easy, and the most realistic yet!


Our doll patterns run the gamut, from simple, 2 sided dolls, to sculpted faces, jointed bodies, and heads that turn. Trixi-Turn-Me, our first swivel head doll is over 30 years old. She doesn’t look it!


One of the fun things that often happens to me is - someone sees a dolls in my shop and ‘recognizes’ it. They will say "I know that doll!" "Someone made one for me when I was a child" or similar things. We are now on the 3rd generation of doll makers in some families. At least once a week I hear from an old customer, saying "I made dolls for my children and now I want to make them for my grandchildren" or great grand children! Another thing that touches me is when someone says " Your patterns saved my life", or "my sanity". It make me feel very good to know that they have helped and are loved and appreciated. I know that you will enjoy them, too.

Happy Doll Making! Carolee

Fun (and not so) Facts


Katie is our most popular doll ever, no contest! I get more pictures of her than any other doll I've designed.


Carolee Creations has been in 6 different locations in Elmhurst, 2 in each building but the Post Office only delivers mail sent to our latest address. All the rest is returned to the sender, even though they know exactly where we are.


Customers seem to delight in telling me how 'old' they are.


Many customers are third generation doll makers, using my patterns, and many are coming back to doll making after a 20 year lapse.