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Babies and Children



Adam 21" A dear baby boy in one-piece suit and matching cap. Adam is a life sized baby and can be made 'anatomically correct'. He's a sweetie. Other clothes are available for Adam.

Price: $7.50
Amish Baby

Amish Baby - Pillowcase Doll, 11". Traditional Amish dolls have no face, but a face pattern is included for your convenience. Dress in country print, white cotton or muslin, or make clothing from vintage pillow case. Also see pillowcase doll made from Amish Baby pattern using Heirloom pillowcase. Pattern includes both Amish and Country versions.

Price: $7.50
Angel Baby

Angel Baby 16" pattern. Cuddly baby in cute pajama sets makes a delightful companion for a small child. Other dolls shown in this picture are Baby Andy, Honey Bunch and Boy Bear, all available separately.

Price: $7.50
Asian Baby

Asian Baby 14" doll pattern with long kimono, diaper, shoes. This is such a nice size doll for a small child.

Price: $7.50
Baby Dear

One of the original SewSweet Dolls, Baby Dear is still a best seller. This picture ran in ads in all the major magazines. You might remember it. Cuddly and cute, and 'bald as a billiard ball' - what a sweet baby.

Price: $7.50
Baby Face

Baby Face 18.5" So adorable, so cuddly. It poses in realistic positions. Body can be sculpted to add detail. What a cutie! Clothes shown are included on the pattern.

Price: $7.50
Baby Face, 2

Baby Face 18.5" same as above.

Price: $7.50
Baby Love

Baby Love 19" is one of those babies you will love so much, you'll want to make her over and over again. Simple stitches create her lifelike face. Body can be sculpted for a "real girl" look. Both awake and asleep versions, plus nightie and dress patterns are included.

Price: $7.50
Baby Sister

Baby Sister 19" sucks her thumb - really! She comes with the cute outfit shown. Other cute baby clothes for her are available separately. Mollie Baby and Puddin also in picture. Baby Sister is on the right.

Price: $7.50
Baby Squeeze Me

Baby Squeeze-Me Pattern 13" includes dress, panties, bonnet and coat. This is a perfect 'first doll' for a baby or toddler to cuddle. ..and, it's easy to make.

Price: $7.50

Beth 21" is a dear baby girl in dress with attached apron and matching panties.

Price: $7.50

Buffy - Buffy 20" Doll Pattern, a best seller since the day she was born. Buffy is the sweetest toddler ever. She's jointed and poseable. You'll love her extra clothes, too. Other clothes patterns for Buffy are shown below.

Price: $7.50
Buffy, 2

Buffy 20" - Same as above. This is one of my favorite pictures - Buffy wearing child's glasses.

Price: $7.50
Christie's Baby Doll

Christie's Baby Doll 6" pattern for baby girl and her bonnet and gown. She's made of felt.

Price: $6.50


Daddy's Boy

Daddy's Boy 20" baby with one-piece footed sleeper could be a cute buddy for toddler. This picture is our first color ad. It ran in craft magazines in the mid '70s and really 'put us on the map!' If you have been sewing cloth dolls for a long time, you might remember it. Baby dolls shown above (l to r) Sugar Lump, Baby Dear, Daddy's Boy, Precious Baby SewSweet Baby Dolls above are 20". Each pattern comes with the clothes shown on baby. Also shown is Personality Bear, on the left.

Price: $7.50
Dear Buttercup

Dear Buttercup 17" is a squeezable baby with cute dress, long gown, bonnets & pants, plus simple Maxi Curl style. Also, Mini Curl hair style shown on Flower Girl. Dear Buttercup is flower girl in wedding party. Extra clothes pattern Flower girl dress and pinafore set available separately.

Price: $7.50



Gum Drop 15" - This is a really nice size and shape for little hands to hold and her clothes are delightful! Her gown is so pretty you'll want to hang it on the wall. Additional clothes patterns available for Gumdrop - romper and Christening gown.

Price: $7.50
Honey Buns

HoneyBuns - Cuddly little dolls 14" similar in size to Cabbage Patch dolls. Honey Buns get their adorable shape from a few strategic stitches. Every one you made will have it's own unique expression and shape. You will have a lot of fun makeing them and a very hard time giving them away.

Price: $7.50
Honey Bunch

Honey Bunch 16" pattern Cuddly baby in cute pajama sets makes a delightful companion for a small child.

Price: $7.50

Completely washable - Completely Um-messable hair! These two sets of dolls are made to be machine washable. Hair is fabric and won't get messy. Clothing is removable. Hug-a-Babies 18" pattern for all three babies and their clothes. Also shown is Chester the turtle, available separately.

Price: $7.50
Jack and Jill, too

Jack and Jill pattern, 12" Self-clothed, seated dolls. Retro style dolls reminiscent of '30's and '40's carnival prizes.

Joey and Tina

Joey and Tina 14" twin cousins. Smaller size jointed boy and girl toddler dolls with cute clothing.

Price: $7.50


Li'l Darlin'

H - Li'l Darlin' 4" pattern. Baby shown in carriage. Make boy or girl in diapers and pajamas.

Price: $5.50
Little Dudes

Little Dudes - Cute babies in cowboy style with baby bottles in holsters. Both boy and girl plus clothing shown and dress on pattern. Kristy (above right) is a poseable doll in country style clothes. Lamb not included. Little Dudes 16" pattern.

Price: $7.50


Mini Angel Baby

Mini Angel Baby 6" with pajamas.

Price: $6.50
Mollie Baby

Mollie Baby 23", left, is a real cutie with yarn hair, dress and panties. She can wear 6 mo. size baby clothes.Also shown are Puddin' and Baby Sister, available on separate patterns.

Price: $8.50
My Sweet Baby

My Sweet Baby 15". One of the dearest, cuddliest cloth babies you'll ever sew! She is such a nice size and the sweetest faces. Faces? More than one? Right! A swivel-headed doll with four expressions. Three are always hidden under her hat. To change her mood, simply remove her hat and turn her head! What fun! Jointed construction makes her poseable as well. Pattern includes hooded sleeper - other outfits add to the fun. Additional clothing patterns for My Sweet Baby. Sun set, Christening gown and bonnet set are shown below.

Price: $7.50


Patty Cake

Patty Cake 14" is 2nd from left. Patty Cake pattern includes dress, coat, bonnet, diaper, and shoes. Other's shown, Tooth Fairy, Patty Cake, Lori, Gail and Guy.

Price: $7.50

Pinkie 16" Sweet baby girl, with long dress, pinafore, panties.

Price: $7.50
Precious Baby

This picture is our first color ad. It ran in craft magazines in the mid '70s and really 'put us on the map!' If you have been sewing cloth dolls for a long time, you might remember it. (l to r) Sugar Lump, Baby Dear, Daddy's Boy, Precious Baby 20". Each pattern is separate and comes with the clothes shown on baby.

Price: $7.50
Pretty Baby

Pretty Baby 19" - Life size infant, ruffled dress, bonnet, panties, and shoes. Pretty Baby can model your family Christening Gown, or other special baby outfit. Not only does she look real, she feels real. You must support her head when holding her. She slumps and poses like a real baby. Why not make twins - they-re twice as much fun!

Price: $7.50

Puddin 21" - Sweet life sized baby with bent legs, and chubby little fingers. Extra clothes patterns shown below.

Price: $8.50
Punkin' and Peanut

Punkin' and Peanut 14" twin baby dolls and their cute clothing pattern. Punkin is a thumb-sucker - isn't she sweet?

Price: $7.50
Rainbow Babies

Rainbow Babies 10" Pattern for three adorablelittle dolls and their clothes as shown. They are so cute and don't take up much room. Make a whole bunch and use as favors for a baby shower.

Price: $7.50
Sachet Baby & Potpourri Angels

Sachet Baby & Potpourri Angels 5". Easy to make. Draw String garment can be filled with potpourri or candy. Delightful 'quiet' toy.

Price: $7.50
Sugar Lump

The picture below is our first color ad. It ran in craft magazines in the mid '70s and really 'put us on the map!' If you have been sewing cloth dolls for a long time, you might remember it. Baby dolls shown above (l to r) Sugar Lump, Baby Dear, Daddy's Boy, Precious Baby. SewSweet Baby Dolls above are 20".

Price: $7.50
Sunshine Twins

Sunshine Twins 23" - These adorable twin babies are among the first SewSweet Dolls and very popular still. They have cute matching 'sailor suits' and are totally cuddly and cute. Being life size, they can also wear real baby clothes, around 6 mo. size.

Price: $8.50

Susan 12" Baby Doll Pattern. Nice small baby doll with dress, panties, bootees.

Price: $7.50
Sweet Cheeks Preemie babies

Sweet Cheeks Preemie babies pattern 17". These babies feel so real because they are filled with polypropylene pellets (baby beads) for weight. Sweet Cheeks was made from the measurements of a new born and has cute little fingers, toes and ears. Pattern includes boy and girl outfits and shoes. Doll can wear real preemie clothes.

Price: $7.50


Tiny Baby

Tiny Baby 9" pattern with long gown, bonnet and diaper. (also shown with Puddin in Timothy picture)

Price: $7.50

Trixie-Turn-me - Designed in 1975, this is the ORIGINAL four-faced cloth doll. It is a cuddly toy that teaches "expressions" to children. You simply remove the bonnet, turn the head to the desired face, and replace bonnet. Body is "self-clothed." Jacket is removable. Teachers have written to say they find Trixie to be a great learning aid for small children. Her four faces suggest a variety of emotions. This allows the child's imagination to interpret what Trixie is feeling.

Price: $7.50

Twinkle - 20" Weighted and jointed baby doll is poseable with sculpted features. Life sized, she feels like a real baby. Included is pattern for the outfit shown.

Price: $7.50